Child Care Resources

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Title Description Additional Language
A Public Health Guide for Child Care Providers An information and resource guide for child care providers
Beach Water Safety Fact Sheet Beach Water Safety Fact Sheet
Chickenpox Information about chickenpox including symptoms, risk of complications, prevention and treatment.
Cleaning and Disinfecting Schedule Child Care Centre Cleaning and Disinfecting Schedule
Cleaning and Disinfection Chart for Child Care Settings A reference chart showing which disinfectants to use depending on volume of blood/body fluid spill as well as contact time and areas to disinfect with examples
Create an Outdoor Play and Learning Environment at Home A resource to engage your child to play and learn in outdoor space
Create and Introduce Routines at Home A resource to introduce routines at home to improve child’s cognitive development, independence, social skills and success
Diapering Routine Fact Sheet A visual and descriptive guide to diapering children.
Don't Get Germs Don't Get Germs - Wash Your Hands poster
EarlyON Child and Family Programs EarlyON programs offer free support services to parents, caregivers and their children from birth to six years old.